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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Metamorphic Desk in the Round

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The Metamorphic Desk in the Round

Inspired by the full sized piece in The Louvre museum Ferd has exceeded every one of his goals and those of collectors in creating this amazing edition that transforms from a stately table to  “the world’s most beautiful desk”.

Adorned with burls, inlays, and lush satin upholstery this edition is the epitome of elegance. The gold cherubs and lion’s paw feet are the beautiful work of two highly skilled artisans, Jim Pounder and John Davidian. This desk is a fitting companion to so many of Ferd’s other editions such as The Demilune and Piecrust Tables and The Ladies Hand Caned Chairs.

The top inlay pattern choices include a sand charred fan inlay, a compass point dark and light wood inlay, and a Carpathian burl inlay, Each reflects and honors the original piece that was commissioned by the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte.
When changed from a table to a desk, a chair magically appears as does a petite letterbox with a tiny drawer to hold the essentials of correspondence, or perhaps a hidden love letter.  To say this is a pinnacle edition from an IGMA Fellow is an understatement.  It is truly amazing and quite splendid.

If it speaks to your heart, please do not delay, as it well on the way to becoming another of Ferd’s many sold out Legacy editions.

Enjoy a YouTube video of The Metamorphic Desk showing how it changes from a table to a desk.  https://youtu.be/ZH1K0LdPqxQ

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