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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Metamorphic Desk - a Generational Benchmark

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The Metamorphic Desk - a Generational Benchmark

The Ferd Sobol Editions presents The Metamorphic Desk, a generational benchmark from The Workshop Wizard

Once in a lifetime, twice in history, has “The World’s Most Beautiful Desk” been built.

In 1805 it was built by Giovanni Socci for Elisa  Bonaparte Napoleon’s sister.

In 2016 it was built by The Workshop Wizard in 1/12th scale for miniature collectors.

The original full sized piece resides in The Louvre Museum but the miniature collectible could reside in your dollhouse.

Review the feature in Dollhouse Miniatures magazine. View the video, read the book, The Metamorphic Desk by The Ferd Sobol Editions, and if you possibly can, see it in person at The Chicago International Show 2017.

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