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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Aladdin Tea Cart Embraces Hospitality

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The Aladdin Tea Cart 

The Aladdin Tea Cart is an homage to the timeless global spirit of hospitality.  The universally accepted offering of welcome is a cup of hot tea, and the entire world responds to this gesture.  Part of the timeless charm of tea is the presentation.  From the simplest tea bag in a single cup to the most elaborate serving of high tea, it delights all the senses.  We see the steam, hear the water pouring, smell the aroma, touch the warm cup and taste the sweet flavorful tea.

How could this timeless process be any better?  Over time and over many lands the only thing that made tea time even more pleasurable was an ability to transport it to the most comfortable or most beautiful area possible. This might be the parlor, veranda, terrace, balcony or the even the garden. This transporting required an easy to use, reliable vehicle complete with space for all amenities.  Thus the tea cart was born. 

Over the centuries it has evolved into a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right. Because it is both a functional and showy piece of furniture, designed to impress visitors, the tea cart became the recipient of the most beautiful details of design.  Beautifully centering the cart tray top is the Aladdin lamp inlay, bringing to mind the lore of magic carpets and allure of distant lands. The dark and light wood inlay is in the center panel of three panels. The rich inlay of the Aladdin’s lamp with its fantastic tale of wish fulfillment, symbolizes an exquisite fantasy.  Ferd created it on the teacart as an icon to encourage the feeding of both the body and the soul with a sweet and pleasurable replenishment that flights of fancy provide. 

This inlay is characteristic of Ferd’s signature embellishments that add grace, interest, elegance and charm to his pieces. The two side panel aprons may easily be folded down when the cart is not in use.  If desired, only one panel may be extended allowing the cart to nestle up to a wall when it is unused similar to a demilune or half table.

The lovely scalloped fretwork that edges each of the two trays is another one of Ferd’s special features. Creating it and slowly bending the fretwork to the circular curves is a very demanding and time consuming process.  This extra effort is always well appreciated by collectors and The Workshop Wizard is always amply rewarded by their appreciative ooohs and aaahs of pure awe.

Extending the spirit of hospitality into the evening, The Aladdin Tea Cart is used to host a mobile wine tasting event. The top tray may hold a bottle of wine, glasses, grapes, canapés and a cheese platter. The bottom tier holds upright two more bottles within metal rings for stability, as well as yummy crudités and confections. Just imagine the possibilities

One of the hallmarks of The Ferd Sobol Editions is the consistent delivery of that which is far beyond normal expectations. The Aladdin Tea Cart is no exception. Only when every part of a piece in his limited editions has been reviewed for quality and precision, does it finally earn his signature placed on the bottom of each.  It is Ferd’s way of fulfilling the contract he has made with himself to maintain his commitment to excellence, and to offer only his best to his loyal followers and many international miniature collectors. Wherever you choose to place yours, there is always a place for a lovely Tea Cart, just as there is always time for tea. 1/12th scale.

See more from The Workshop Wizard at the website at the blog and on Pinterest. Perhaps even have a cup of tea while you delight your eyes.

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