Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Metamorphic Desk Building Details

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Metamorphic Desk Building Details

The Ferd Sobol Editions Invites you into the workshop to see Santa’s helper build The Metamorphic Desk

The Metamorphic Desk is an edition worthy of the skills and patience of The Workshop Wizard, as who but a wizard would create his own handcarved inlay to appoint the petite pop-up section of the top of the desk?

Advanced reservations are currently being accepted in order to please Santa’s schedule (note his list of names above) but the desk is not expected to leave the workshop bench until early 
2017.  Wizards are often perfectionists, and this one is no exception.

This edition has more elaborate features than anything Ferd has built before, including the tiny secretarial drawer that raises above the surface as the table top opens to reveal a gorgeous desk.

Like magic itself, this edition enthralls and invites close observation.  We are sharing the building photos with you as we proceed to offer you a chance to watch Ferd build an edition that will undoubtedly delight.

The large rectangular top of the table slides forward to allow the drawer section to float gently upwards, before the table top slides back  into place.

The thousands of steps required by this amazing edition, also require numerous jigs to carve, shape, cut, sand and assemble.

Here a cylindrical jig holds all of six legs in place to be glued to the round underside of the desk. Once they are all safely clamped in place they are held securely while the glue dries.

As many collectors know, Ferd researches, tests and retests every step in the process, and measurements are taken in thousandths of an inch.

This edition needed Ferd to build more jigs than any other that he has built.

Below is yet another jig to curve the burled side panels into place as they are glued and dry.

Even the petite gold cherubs found on the original full sized piece that now resides in The Louvre Museum, have been cast. 

If this edition speaks to your heart please do not delay in securing your reservation as Santa comes around only once a year, and the demands of his list are already exceeding supply.

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