Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Building the Metamorphic Desk

Building The Metamorphic Desk

Only a wizard would dare take on a task such as this latest edition, The Metamorphic Desk.  It is nothing short of amazing in 1/12th scale, changing from a table into a desk, with a chair seeming to appear miraculously from nowhere. It was inspired by a full sized piece that resides in The Louvre Museum. The number of steps required to build it is staggering and The Workshop Wizard has been working on it for more than a year.

It has everything you would expect from such a pinnacle edition; rich burl, hand carving, various delicate inlay, custom silk  fabric, hand cast ornamentations, and the incredible precision for which Ferd is justifiably world renowned.

He has had to put on his inventor hat to give this edition his very best and this was done with jigs and more jigs. Yet the sheer mighty challenge of this edition has moved him to use every woodworking skill he has ever learned to create one of the very best pieces of miniature furniture that the world has ever seen, and will more than likely never see again. If it is your heart’s desire advance reservations are now being taken. Gold flourishes add elegance.

Note how the inlay is placed with tweezers.  Every element of the design is put into place, to test the final piece for color, placement, fit and the totality of the vision. Here different inlays for the sliding top of the desk surface are combined with many various fabrics and writing surface treatment possibilities.

Nothing is left  to chance and the final edition is something that makes even the most perfectionist of a wizard mighty proud. Ferd and Millie examine a silk chair cushion and make final selections for a number of fabric, color and design choices. They consider this piece to be among the best they’ve ever created.

The next time you are in Paris you might wish to see the original built for the Bonaparte family. The rich history that comes with this edition adds a sense of lore to the charming and warm appeal it offers any room. The original has been aptly termed the most beautiful desk ever built.

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