Thursday, December 15, 2016

Commitment to Excellence Book - The Ferd Sobol Editions

Commitment to Excellence - The Ferd Sobol Editions

The Ferd Sobol Editions invites you to open a new book.

Because you asked for it . . . review more than a hundred pages filled with gorgeous photos of Ferd’s favorite editions from the past third of a century as well as many detailed DIY projects. 

Peek into the workshop to watch as The Workshop Wizard builds the world’s most beloved pieces, learn some of his hard won secrets and improve your own building skills while delighting in the 1/12th scale world of some of his most avid miniature collectors.

Read about the inspirations of Ferd’s editions.  Share his drawings, jigs & research. For scale the 8.5 x 11 inch elegant coffee table book is shown with Ferd’s Demilune Table.

The black linen cover of this elegant coffee table book opens to the best of Ferd’s work. Review a small sampling of pages below. 

Click on an icon below to see more on an individual piece, or visit the website or Blog

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