Friday, December 16, 2016

The Trésor Tables & The Hepplewhite Settees

Dollhouse Miniatures magazine cover 2017

The Trésor Tables & The Hepplewhite Settees

Whichever miniature treasure most tickles your fancies the perfect piece to place inside The Trésor Table. For here it will be showcased with pride while remaining safe and dust free.  We love to furnish your beautiful rooms and we understand that your goal is to create a place that welcomes one to pause and reflect and to enjoy.  Our editions are designed to assist in this worthy quest.  

The Trésor Table is the perfect solution.  It has clear sides and a hinged lid to allow you to easily add and to rearrange your tiny treasures as your collection grows.  The Trésor Table, from the French word for treasure may be customized with your own choice of accessories.  Above a collector has a special place for her regal collection, and below another has added her own cutoff fabric and a petite tier shelf for added height and additional display area. Many miniaturists collect extremely beautiful petite collectibles that easily may be lost if not stored with care.  Yet when you go through the effort, expense and the quest we all want to see them. 

Whatever your personal collection holds, we encourage you to take the time and pride to display it in all of its miniature glory. 

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