Monday, April 6, 2015

The Architects Desk being built

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The Architects Desk

A lovely piece of furniture with characteristics of a writing desk or a credenza this edition has a tilt top cantilevered  surface allowing it to easily become an Architects Desk. 

Ferd had created The Architects Desk some years ago, but to the dismay of many collectors it sold out almost immediately, So at the request of many who know that this edition is his homage to the legendary architect who gave Ferd career advice when he was a young man, Ferd has agreed to release it again, as his tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright. It is being clamped securely during gluing.

This is the rare edition where Ferd’s signature must be added before the construction has been completed for access.

Drawer glide panels that will secure drawers are being glued into place with wood blocks as spacing alignments.  The left side has four generous drawers ready to accommodate many tools of the trade. The right side has a large single slide out drawer to hold blueprints. Included are a pencil, rolled blueprints, a wooden and clear T-square, and a  paper denoting owner credibility from The Ferd Sobol Edition workshop.  

The architect may choose to stand as the desk has it’s own retractible desk seat. It readily slips in or out of position beneath the top. While it would have been much easier to use a block of circular or rectangular wood, Ferd could not.

Here it is being created out of solid wood that he then hand carves so as to add comfort for the architect’s sake.

The tiny hole seen on one side is what allows the seat to easily swing in and out of position.  The very first round of many sandings occurs with this huge disc sander.

A swing away seat in two choices of leather allows for both comfortable sitting, or may be pushed inside for reading or writing if a standing position instead preferred for an overall vantage point on the work.

Ferd’s longstanding motto - “Commitment to Excellence” does not allow him to cut any corners, and this seat is no exception. Even though it will eventually be covered by a thin layer of kid glove leather, he still takes pains to perfect the wood itself.  The next layer of sanding is done with an oscillating drill 
bit sander.

Afterwards the piece will be further sanded by hand to create a smooth base for the leather to be glued.

Compare the before and after to see the detail work that occurson a piece that is barely as large as Ferd’s wedding ring, and one that will be covered with leather.

The top of the desk can angle from zero to forty degrees, and is locked into place with allen-wrench bolts.  

Two tables may be used together back to back as partner desks, or even as drafting tables.  Please feel free to place your advanced reservation at this time.  1/12 th scale.  Convenient Layaway Plan available.  Introductory price of $ 595. RESERVE MINE NOW.

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