Friday, February 20, 2015

The Coffee Table and The Settee

The Coffee Table & Settee

The Coffee Table is the perfect companion piece to The Hepplewhite Settee, as both are so regal in proportion and yet delicate in form.  This is a hallmark of neo-classical furnishing from The Federal Period honoring elements of antiquity and traditional design refinements of The Golden Age of Furniture.  Adhering to these lofty yet worthy standards of design are The Piecrust Table and in the background The Radial Hand Caned Chest. The Coffee Table is also available with an oval sunburst inlay adorning the center of the tabletop.

Three delicate hand turned legs support each corner of the table lending an elegance befitting The Federal Period, the time of design in colonial America that honored the classicism of ancient Greek and Romean styles. These Neo Classical touches abound in Ferd’s miniature editions.

Elegant and refined, this design honors the deliberate use of restraint.

The Hepplewhite Settee and matching chairs are perfectly suited pieces, as both echo the same charm of traditional furniture style and readily invite a viewer to relish in other times and to imagine distant places.

A single column on each corner could have supported the tabletop very easily, but his solution is much more delicate and in keeping with the elegance of the era.

Have a seat, pour a cup of coffee and imagine a slower and quieter time when distant lands beckoned the soul and stirred the imagination with pure delight.  Savor it today even if only in the dollhouse.

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