Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Hepplewhite Two & Three Seat Settees

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The Hepplewhite Settees

Hepplewhite furniture is the exceedingly graceful late 18th century furniture that has never gone out of style. In fact stylistic elements such as the shield shaped chair back, remain a classic standard in traditional furniture design. It is revered for a classic appearance, and is especially light and delicate creating a timeless nod to Greek and Roman antiquities.

Pieces are often embellished with small carvings, or intricate inlaid patterns and veneers, with contrastingly colored woods. Common motifs include swags, ribbons, urns decorative scrolling vines. Complimenting the slender tapered legs are a delicate rectangular spade foot. The shield-back chair is perhaps the best-known of all Hepplewhite styles, and is the focal point of the chair and settee. It is here that form and function merge in a timeless sophistication and neoclassical elegance.

Inspired by the designs of the great master cabinet maker George Hepplewhite are the two seat and three seat settees. Light, airy, and feminine in shape they are as beautiful from the back as they are from the front, encouraging one to place them within the center of the room, rather than only along the walls.

The Two Seat Settee is the perfect cozy piece for a romantic tête-à-tête, as there is simply no room for the chaperone. It is petite enough to fit almost any place you'd like to add a romantic touch.

The Three Seat Settee is a triple delight of regal classic proportion. It lends an air of traditional formality wherever you choose to place it. Some of our favorite placements have been in the entrance or foyer, at the foot of a bed, and beneath the curve of a grand spiral staircase.

The seat is upholstered with the finest of silk and under goes a rigid quality control inspection before joining any other editions such as The Ferd Sobol Editions Dining Room Set. Note how the chair backs match the settee perfectly, as both are from the same Hepplewhite design.

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