Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Metamorphic Desk in the Louvre Museum

Step into The Louvre Museum with us and see The Metamorphic Desk

The Workshop Wizard was so intrigued by the story and provenance of this lovely historical piece of furniture now in the Paris Louvre Museum, that he built it in 1/12th scale.  The Metamorphic Desk was first commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte for his sister Elisa in 1805 and is now a part of The French National Trust.

Many miniature collectors have been inspired to make this miniature their very own, and a number have traveled to Paris to see the original piece.  Thanks to the photographic skills and generosity of one gracious client, we share these photos directly from The Louvre.  Thanks Debra.

So please keep sending us your photos and we will be pleased to share online.

Below is Ferd’s 1/12th scale miniature version of The Metamorphic Desk.

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