Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sharing The Metamorphic Desk

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The Ferd Sobol Editions shares a piece of history

The Metamorphic Desk

Designed and built for Elisa Bonaparte, the sister of Napoleon by the greatest craftsman of the era, the original full sized piece of furniture resides today in the Louvre Museum. Called Metamorphic as it transforms from a stately table int what has been called since 1805. “the world’s most beautiful desk”. 

A chair appears as if from nowhere as the table is drawn open, and from a hidden compartment a petite letterbox with drawer emerges. If this pinnacle and remarkable miniature edition appeals to your sense of style or your appreciation of honoring history.

Please consider it before it becomes yet another of Ferd’s many sold out Legacy Editions. His ever popular and versatile layaway plan makes it conveniently attainable. Would you like to make it yours? It is far easier than you think. Please email for the specifics.

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