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Friday, April 7, 2017

Metamorphic Desk in Tuscany

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The Metamorphic Desk

Only a wizard would dare take on a task such as this latest edition, The Metamorphic Desk. It is nothing short of amazing in 1/12th scale, changing from a table into a desk, with a chair seeming to appear quite miraculously from nowhere.

It was inspired by a full sized piece that resides in The Louvre Museum. The number of steps required to build it is simply staggering and it has been on the workshop bench of The Workshop Wizard for more than a year, and in his imagination for more than fifty years.

It has everything you would expect from such a pinnacle edition - rich burl, hand carvings, various delicate inlay, custom silk fabric, hand cast ornamentations, and of course the incredible precision for which Ferd is justifiably world renowned.

It combines beautifully with many of his other editions and is shown here with his Hepplewhite Settee, Tresor Table & Ladies Hand Caned Chairs.

This is the cover of Ferd’s latest book about the inspiration, historical story and actual building of this desk in miniature.

He has had to put on his inventor hat to give this edition his very best and this was done with jigs and more jigs.

Yet the sheer mighty challenge of this edition has moved him to use every woodworking skill he has ever learned, to create one of the very best pieces of miniature furniture that the world has ever seen, and will more than likely never see again. If it is your heart’s desire do not hesitate as it is well on the way to being yet another of his sold out Legacy Editions.

If it speaks to your heart, please do not delay. Enjoy a YouTube video of The Metamorphic Desk showing how it changes from a table to a desk.


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