Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Gueridon Tables Trio

The Gueridon Tables Trio 

This trio of Gueridon Tables shares a rich history with specific purpose tables of the 18th century.  A highly convenient and portable table, The Gueridon first originated as a place to hold a candle while working in the evening. It went on to become a perfect place to hold a wash bowl, or bedside accessories, or even the best way to uplift a plant in front of a window to catch the precious sunlight.  Knowing that everyone’s needs might be very individualized Ferd has made it available in varying heights, so you may choose the exact version to fit your own room and need.

The master craftsman George Hepplewhite was the first to widely use string inlay in his furniture, and Ferd honors him with the delicate string inlay that adorns the outside of each petite leg.  If you would like to see just how this dark and light precise inlay is hand created, please see the blog or a tutorial in Ferd’s latest book Commitment to Excellence - The Ferd Sobol Editions.

Each table has a traditional hexagon shaped top and delicately shaped leg bracers that add to perfect proportion and harmonious classic balance. So if you need a single table to set beside a chair, or on a staircase landing, or if you could use a pair to flank a doorway or mantle, we have them.  Or perhaps you would like a trio of tables to use around a living room or bedroom, or as we have shown them in a gathered grouping where the charm of each piece is echoed with the others, creating a sweet vignette.

If The Gueridon Table speaks to your heart, please consider our easy Layaway Plan and choose  a single, a pair or a trio of tables.    1/12th scale.

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