Thursday, August 11, 2016

Upholstering Miniature Chairs

Upholstering miniature chairs with 
The Ferd Sobol Editions

Sumptuous Silks & Satins          
The sky is the limit, so do indulge in the finest. Since you only need a few square inches let the budget fly out the window and make your heart happy with your most indulgent choice.

Ferd’s many chairs are all upholstered by his wife Millie, and over the years she has become an expert at it. Her gentle advice is to start with the fabric that thrills you heart and simply delights your eye.

Scale must be honored and it is sometimes difficult to obtain that delicate scale in fabric. 

Since her favorite material is silk for the extreme draping it affords, so she often chooses silk neckties. Upon hearing this, a client who had lost her husband requested that her Dining Room Ensemble by upholstered in his favorite tie. Millie was very pleased to accommodate her simple wish knowing how happy it made her.

Patience, simple tools, and a very orderly work area is important for getting everything just perfect.

She uses a good magnifying glass to keep even the weave of fabric in alignment. When the seat cushion is completed it is glued to the chair.  Please have a seat!

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