Thursday, May 19, 2016

Miniature Formal Dining Room

The Curved Curio Cabinets
The Hepplewhite Dining Set
The Hand Caned Chairs
The Demilune Table

These pinnacle pieces of pure miniature art perfection each arrived after a full year on the workshop bench and are enthralling mini collectors worldwide.  With masterful skill and incredible artisanship. Ferd exceeded all of their expectations and surpassed their dreams with these editions. 

On The Curved Curio Cabinets slender cabriole legs decorated with relief carvings surround a center base finial and gracefully support a curved cylindrical cabinet. Delicate ormolu traces the curve beneath and above the case and an amazing finial crowns the top. Above this sits a perfectly proportioned removable clear dome. Think of the wonderful items this piece may contain, protect and display on the three clear shelves -- the choice is yours glassware, jewelry, or even a rare orchid collection as shown.

Next we add the Hand Caned Chairs lending delicacy with their see through backs and lush silk upholstery.

The Hepplewhite 7 piece Dining Set has an oval light & dark wood inlay centering the table with a touch of elegance. Famous designer Hepplewhite is referenced with the graceful shield back of the chairs. Greek key designs and tiny hand carvings create a piece to be treasured. Add to this scene his Demilune Table above on far right, and who could ask for more?

When asked what were the origins of his already now legendary Curved Curio Cabinet, Ferd explains, “The art of collecting at times seems to have a mind of its own. It is pointless to go through the effort of finding or making beautiful miniature collectibles if they are merely to be hidden from view. How much more satisfying it is to have those lovely small items gathered into one place and displayed for your own and the enjoyment of others. Since conservation and protection is a legitimate concern, a display should be securable and dust free. It should also be an asset to any room in which it resides, gorgeous itself, while complimenting the contents. My building in the round fulfilled all these issues beautifully.”

We hope that you enjoyed stepping into our dining room. Bon app├ętit !

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