Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Nest of Tables from the Wizard

The Ferd Sobol Editions
Building the world's finest miniature furniture since 1981

The Nest of Tables

With a twinkle in his eye The Workshop Wizard prepares the very first of his new 35th  Anniversary Edition, The Nest of Tables
to leave the workshop via the magic of the holidays. Somebody must have been really good all year long.

The Nest of Tables was one of the very first editions Ferd ever built when he started in the miniatures realm back in 1981. It sold out 
immediately and has been requested by mini collectors since. Ferd has re-issued it as part of the celebration of their three and a half decades of building miniature furniture.

Review the entire collection online, see some of the gorgeous limited editions being built at the blog, and then read more about these magical mini collectibles from The Workshop Wizard.

Above we see the tables patiently awaiting their petite gold feet. Like fine jewelry the gold toes lend a sweet polished final touch.

Each table snugly nestles within the next one creating a small footprint in the dollhouse or room box.

Check out those shapely slender legs!  There are a total of twelve graduated hand turned legs per each Nest of Tables - imagine. Each leg joins another perfect match to create a pair that is then glued to one another.

The pairs must dry in perfect alignment and since his tolerances are measured in mere thousandths of an inch, Ferd uses these drying jigs.

This special anniversary edition marks a milestone of sentimental note for Ferd and Millie and they are eager to share with the entire miniature community their warm appreciation for the support they have received for these 35 years.

Their heartfelt wish is that the pieces they build will bring joy and years of pleasure to every dollhouse or room box they occupy.  To be able to create pure joy in the heart of another is an attribute that most of us unfortunately are able to indulge in only rarely.  

Yet Ferd has enjoyed this blessing daily in his workshop through the pure act of creation .

It is enough to make any wizard smile.


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