Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Hepplewhite Dining Sets

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Ferd has been an admirer of the great master cabinet maker George Hepplewhite for many decades, and uses this valued inspiration in his latest edition of Dining Room Sets.

The sets are available in two sizes: the 7 and the larger 9 piece sets. Both are 1/12th scale and fit well with many other furniture styles. The smaller dining room will find the 7 piece set a perfect size.  The table top has an oval of sand charred inlay in light and dark woods, with tiny corner florets, tapered legs incised with decorative carving and a geometric linear Greek key design along the perimeter.

Hepplewhite furniture is the exceedingly graceful late 18th century furniture that has never gone out of style. In fact stylistic elements such as the shield shaped chair back, remain a classic standard in traditional furniture design. It is revered for a classic appearance, and is especially light and delicate creating a timeless nod to Greek and Roman antiquities.

Pieces are often embellished with small carvings, or intricate inlaid patterns and veneers, with contrastingly colored woods. Common motifs include swags, ribbons, urns, decorative and natural floral and fauna design elements.

The 9 piece Dining Room Set is perfect for a grand display in the larger dining room. Six Side chairs and two Arm Chairs fit here beautifully.

Complimenting the slender tapered legs are a delicate rectangular spade foot. The shield back chair is a lovely focal point adding timeless sophistication and neoclassical elegance. Beneath the table top are a number of wonderful design details, including the geometric Greek key design and tiny corner florets. These help draw the eye down the carvings on the slender legs.

The sand charred inlay is one of Ferd’s special little extras that always delights collectors, especially when they realize that each piece is individually charred by hand by dipping it into hot sand and it is then cut to shape and assembled into a specified pattern. Imagine the skill and patience this requires in 1/12th scale. Ferd holds the plain before sand charring strip of wood, and also the completed inlay.

Below the many components of the shield back chair are seen in various stages of creation. Note the tiny metal dowels used to securely join the petite pieces together allowing for strength while retaining a very delicate design.

The Dining Room is a special place for gathering families and nourishing bodies and souls. This makes the dollhouse Dining Room a special place filled with symbolism and traditions that make a visual reference to so many of those things we hold near and dear. Ferd wished to honor that special place it holds in our hearts and memories with his Dining Sets.

Many of his special features have gone into making this Dining Set an edition which will likely be cherished for many years to come, perhaps even by another generation. So take out and use the good china and the fine glassware because just as in life itself, we only live once, and we all deserve to enjoy a bit of the very best each and every day. So raise a glass in celebration of all the good things in life.­

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