Thursday, February 14, 2013

Demilune Table with Ladies Hand Caned Chair

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The Demilune Table

The Ferd Sobol Editions proudly presents The Demilune Table

The versatility of a pair becomes an oval table

The Demilune Table is a classic accent with a rich history honoring such notable master craftsmen as Thomas Chippendale and The Brothers Adam. Beautiful as a single appointment to a smaller room, The Demilune Table is even more impressive as a pair to add symmetry and tradition to the grandest of rooms. It features an amazingly intricate open rope scrolled apron, a half oval burled top, delicately embellished legs, and fretwork adorned with the perfectly centered finial. 1/12th scale.

This open rope scrolled apron is one of the features of The Demilune that most astounds viewers. It has historical roots in both Roman and Greek motifs. A pair of Demilune Tables is a nice touch in a grand room, such as the Federal Period ballroom, because they may be placed apart from one another, or when the situation merits, pushed near together to create a single oval shaped table top.

The legs are appointed with upside down delicate hand carved tulips. A Ladies Hand Caned Chair is a lovely companion piece.

Shaping Legs with Sander
Using a sander to shape the leg of a chair or table, allows for absolute precision and reliable repetition in the shaping of every similar component of an edition.

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