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The Desks by The Ferd Sobol Editions

The Ferd Sobol Editions has a special place in their heart for desks. When Ferd and his wife Millie were courting he was stationed in Korea and Millie wrote to him almost daily.  Of course her letters did not arrive daily but in a large group every few weeks.  During the interim, Ferd would imagine her sitting at her Mother's antique desk and filling page after page with comfort, hope and love.  

In 2005 when they discussed a particularly meaningful piece to create as a memento of their 25 years of building miniatures together, Millie suggested a replica of her Mother's desk because she had spent so many hours at it while thinking of and writing to Ferd. For Ferd, thinking of Millie at that desk was such an important visualization for him giving him reason to go on during the years  in Korea, that he agreed and created that desk in miniature to commemorate that trying time in his life and to honor the girl who pulled him through with her letters.

You can read more of the story behind this Special 25th Anniversary Edition at their blog:HERE

Unfortunately for most miniature collectors this desk sold out immediately at it's first showing to the public. Collectors requesting that he build another desk bombarded Ferd repeatedly. He was involved with other editions by this point and put another desk on back burner status for a few years.  

However as years went by and the requests did not diminish Ferd finally undertook the building of another desk.  For this new desk he was also inspired by their life story and wished to honor the day he and Millie met.  She was in teacher's college and he was studying on the same campus to become a fighter pilot. 

He was smitten the first time he laid eyes on her, the tall slender brunette carrying an armload of books. To him she looked more like a movie star than a teacher. Determined to meet her but not wanting to come across "way too forward for the time", he searched until he found someone who knew her and arranged for a seemingly casual introduction. 

The story of that day is the story of their beginnings as a couple and is at the root of Ferd's design and creation of The Ladies Personal Desk. You may read the entire account HERE

This desk is appointed with a slant fall front that is embellished with vining scrollwork. It opens to reveal a delicate writing area with interior compartments. A petite drawer with a pencil ledge slides open with a gold pull that matches the side handles.  

When the lady has completed her correspondence and closes the desk, her letters will remain safe, secure and very private. 

Ferd's famous Ball & Claw feet are topped with acanthus draped knees.  The perfect companion piece is The Ladies Hand Caned Chair with his equally famous caning on the chair back.  

At this writing, there are still a few desks remaining in this limited edition. As a special sentimental accompaniment to The Ladies Personal Desk, each desk includes a miniature copy of an actual love letter from Ferd to Millie during this very special time in their lives.   This photo shows the lovely desk sitting  on top some of the books that Millie was carrying on the day they met.

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